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Photo Credit: Marc Lecocq Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Marc Lecocq Flickr via Compfight cc

When Ron Ritchart came to International School of Luxembourg (I.S.L.), he ended his time with the Lower School Faculty by using the Back to the Future Protocol. It was so helpful to use this particular protocol to create ideas and formulate a plan for the future of Creating a Culture of Thinking at ISL.

Statements were created and shared and when put into wordclouds it looks something like this…

created with wordclouds 2016 J.Bevans CC

created with wordclouds 2016 J.Bevans CC

The ATL’s then met and sorted the statements into the 8 Cultural Forces That Define Our Classroom, which was then shared back to the Faculty on 30th November. The final task gave us an opportunity to sort the ideas for the future into 3 categories:

  • Now (this year)
  • Later (next year)
  • Long term (5 years from now)

At the bottom of this page is a list of things that we can do now, in a years time and in 5 years time. I think the small moves (mentioned in a previous post) are many of the things that have been catergorised in the now. People are already trying things out in their classrooms. There really is so much going on all around the Lower School at the moment.

Last Wednesday during our Scavenger Hunt there was so much evidence of the 8 Thinking Moves that Support Understanding and the 8 Cultural Forces that Define our Classrooms. The scavenger hunt allowed for time and opportunities to see what was happening in other classrooms and in spaces that perhaps you have not had an opportunity to visit. Spending time in other spaces allowed time to reflect and gain a spark or an idea to try out in the coming months.

It was amazing to see so many aspects of the Cultural Forces and different thinking moves that are already being utilised in the school as we move towards creating a Culture of Thinking at ISL. Here are a few photographs that documented some of the small moves that are happening everywhere.

These are just some of the small moves that have been and are happening at ISL. Here are our next steps in creating a Culture of Thinking at ISL…. What are you going to try out in 2017? Join in the conversation….

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    […] on our journey to create a Culture of Thinking. Let’s not forget it is less than a year since Ron Ritchart was here in school and walked us through the Eight Cultural Forces that define our classrooms. Here is few of our […]

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